Coach Carlos Moya reveals the advice given to Rafael Nadal

Coach Carlos Moya reveals the advice given to Rafael Nadal

In an interview o the US Open YouTube account, the Rafael Nadal's coach Carlos Moya commented on what advices he can give the Spaniard during a Grand Slam tournament. "He is a so there are not many advices I can give him.

Trying not to spend too much time on the court, getting to the late stages of the tournament being fresh, try not to play too many five sets matches, sometimes you cannot avoid that, so it's about getting fresh to the late stages of the tournament", said Moya.

On how it feels to be a defending champion in a Major, Moya added: "It also depends on how the year has gone until you get to that tournament. When I played the Roland Garros in 1999 the year was not good, so that's extra pressure because you have a lot of points to defend and the year was not as good as you thought was going to be."

Moya finally recalled when he became world No. 1 for the first time: "It was a childhood dream come true and I was the first Spanish player to ever achieve that, so that was extra pressure as well because I knew I was not going to have many chances to become number one in the world and the first time I had a chance I took it, so compared to winning a Slam it's a bit different.

Winning a Slam is about having two great weeks. You have to be one of the top players and be lucky to have. Being number one in the world means to be the most consistent player for 52 weeks."