I would like to have Roger Federer or Djokovic in Spanish team - Bruguera

I would like to have Roger Federer or Djokovic in Spanish team - Bruguera

In an the Spain's Davis Cup team captain Sergi Bruguera spoke about the upcoming team competition that will be played in Madrid. Bruguera said: "Playing at home and in front of our crowd helps the team a lot and it's a boost.

I think it's very important for the players to play at home. We have two of the strongest opponents in our groups stage. Then there is also France, Serbia with Novak Djokovic... There are many teams that can be very dangerous."

Asked what other player he would pick for Spanish team if he could, Bruguera replied: "I would like to have or Djokovic." Asked if this format helps or makes things more complicated, Bruguera replied: "There is an important handicap that is the surface.

When we played at home, we picked the clay, where we were the strongest team, which was an advantage. Now you have to play indoor, you cannot choose the surface and it's a disadvantage, but at least we play in Madrid. I see my team strong and with chances to compete, although there are many players and teams that can win and it's very difficult, but we have solutions.

We play in Madrid, at a high altitude, and there is also the doubles which is very impotente because it's three points. I will try to help with all the experience I gained during my career." Spain will face Russia and Croatia in what's considered to be probably the toughest groups stage of this year's event.