Roger Federer explains why having longer off-season may help players

Roger Federer explains why having longer off-season may help players

Having a longer off-season can sometimes help, suggested Roger Federer. The Swiss player took a six-month break due to injuries and he cameback stronger in 2017 winning two Grand Slams. "I think it's good to have a season from January to November because it allows you to play and if you are injured you can always comeback.

You are never going to be out for a full year or more so that's positive. The good thing is with a proper off-season we would maybe see more players really improving their game and saying like, If you are gone out for four months you can actually become a good volley player and nobody dares to take that much time off of course unless you have to and overtime everybody is touching 30.

Nigging injuries start to happen, they appear more and more and as we are in our own control of our schedules everybody needs to tell themselves, What's too much and what's not enough. So it's really up to the player how much you want to play.

Good things always happen, I know it's hard to take a big chunk of time because while taking that time off somebody else is winning tournaments and you are like, Maybe I could have won that one too but you might feel a little regret but it's an investment of feeling better, feeling stronger, injury-free, coming back refreshed, rejuvenated", said Federer, who defeated Radu Albot in the Miami Open opening round.

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