Roger Federer: 'I am supposed to be tired of tennis, but I am not'

Roger Federer: 'I am supposed to be tired of tennis, but I am not'

Passion is the key for Roger Federer to keep competing at the highest level. The Swiss player is aware of it and in an interview to Al Jazeera Balkans, he said: "I feel good. I am tired sometimes from the one day to the next after long matches.

I am supposed to be but I am not tired of tennis or from the Tour in general, otherwise I would be at home doing other things. I am very pleased of how much fun I have on Tour, the fans pick me from time to time again and want to see more of my tennis game which for me is beautiful and I am very happy to still be playing and my career went much better than I ever thought it would so I am really enjoying this part of my life right now."

Federer also commented on his priorities: "Staying healthy number one but enjoying myself and being successful in tournaments. That means winning as many tournaments as possible, beating the best players when I play against them and making sure that is okay with everything I do.

Managing my family life, my schedule, my tennis life, health and all that stuff is really important to me." Meanwhile Federer's coach Severin Luthi spoke about how they prepare to a match: "We do not look at the same amount of videos before every match.

And you cannot overestimate it. The conditions are always different. At the 2017 Australian Open, when Roger was already in the finals, we watched together the entire match between Nadal and Dimitrov. And we spoke about it. But sometimes it's important not to speak about tactics for more than five or ten minutes.

Roger is basically one who should not look too much at his opponents but at his game."