Roger Federer: 'I was crazy and emotional as a teenager'

Roger Federer: 'I was crazy and emotional as a teenager'

In an interview to, Roger Federer commented on how his character evolved over the decades. The Swiss player until the early 2000s then something changed inside him.

"I was crazy, I was very emotional, I used to throw a racket, shout a lot on the tennis court, I would cry a lot after losing matches and I was just a wreck sometimes during the match and after the match", said Federer.

"And then eventually it took me a long long time until about 22 years old where I felt like, You know what, I know who I am on the tennis court, I know how to behave to be successful for six straight days because that's what it took sometimes to win tournaments or how to be successful mentally over four, five weeks, that's how long sometimes some tournaments lasts or a trip in America lasts and until you can go home again and that was hard for me just to be really focused and understand why I am working and what I am working on.

At the end for me it was my mind telling me to understand why I am working hard, why I am travelling to the tournaments, what I am trying to improve, how to behave. People watching me on TV live, in the stadium, I do not want to be looking like an idiot to be honest, I want to be maybe a good role model to the kids, that's when I changed my attitude around and it serves me well because now I am successful on the tennis court because my mind has almost become an asset for me while before I was losing a lot of matches because of the weak mind I used to have."

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