Roger Federer is a dedicated man, says Barilla creative director

Roger Federer is a dedicated man, says Barilla creative director

Roger Federer admitted he was not good at cooking as someone else has always done it for him.

But in the future, the Swiss player would love to learn more about this skill. In 2017, he became the Barilla ambassador for the following five years and he has had two great advertisement videos so far. Benny Everitt, Barilla's Creative Director, was satisfied with the Swiss player: "Roger has definitely been practising since we shot last year and he’s a dedicated man as his 100 tournament wins prove.

He somehow glides majestically through anything we throw at him. But for now, Oldani is still the master." Then, speaking about the shoot, he said, "Although the spot looks like it was shot on a beautifully sunny day it was actually four really long days late into the night.

The lighting crew deserves a medal." Everitt concluded: "Early in the briefing process the client challenged us to create a new food look for Barilla – something more Italian and ownable. So throughout the creative process, we worked on a look and feel that we called “Mediterranean light”.

The reason for this is that there’s a relationship between pasta and sunlight in Italy – warm, fresh light floods through windows as food is prepared, eating outside is common and meals are often prepared over a day and devoured when the sun is at its best.

This became our palette and once we moved into production we worked with the director, DOP, and photographer to capture a world of food that feels truly unique to Barilla." Federer is in Indian Wells preparing for the BNP Paribas Open that starts this week.

The Swiss is seeded fourth and has been placed in the second half of the draw, same as Rafael Nadal.

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