Roger Federer now trains less than before, says coach

Roger Federer now trains less than before, says coach

In an interview to Tages Anzeiger, Roger Federer's coach Severin Luthi commented on how the 20-time Grand Slam winner's training method changed in the last years. Federer prefers .

"He trains a bit less than before, but very specific", said Luthi. "We also set longer breaks. For example, we make sure he can recover within 24 hours. So he trains once in the morning and then in the afternoon in the following day.

Training sessions are longer today, but the amount is less. Nos we train just once for three, three hours and a half. So he does not need to warm up a second time. He has so many things to do at 37 years: the family, endorsmements, his Foundation.

Tennis is obviously in the centre. But it cannot always be about tennis." How much work is behind his body? "He works very hard, but work is the wrong word. He always finds a way so that he likes it. Pierre Paganini is very important on it.

He does an excellent job always offering variety. Not just in tennis but also in the fitness training, Roger wants to exactly know why he is doing something. He needs to see meaning inside. So he challenges the coach more and more."

Is Federer the best athlete ever? "Novak Djokovic is an amazing athlete too. And it's impressive how Rafael Nadal is back, even if he was injured more. Roger is helped by easiness. He keeps calm and suits to the plan.

That's also important on how to face the injuries. He needs to listen at his body very well. But you do not have to overestimate yourself otherwise you feel something anywhere and you do not want to play anymore."