Thiem explains differences between ATP Finals loss and win vs Djokovic

Thiem explains differences between ATP Finals loss and win vs Djokovic

Dominic explained what went wrong from 4-all in the third set tie-break at the ATP Finals championship clash in London against Stefanos Tsitsipas. The Austrian said: "Tiebreak, especially third-set tiebreak in the championship match is always about being lucky, about being unlucky.

It's always, I would say, 50/50. I mean, I have to say that most of the matches I have played in the last two, three months, very close scores, very close times of the games went on my side, and today it was just different.

I missed some very close balls in the tiebreak, which against Novak Djokovic or which in other matches in the last weeks went in. That was the thing in the third-set tiebreak. But, you know, I cannot do anything now about it.

It was a great match from both of us, and he really deserves that win. I mean, actually, we both deserve it, but there is only one winner in tennis. So that's it. I'm happy also with this match today. "I'm still taking away a lot with me," continued Thiem.

"First of all, I'm very proud and happy about the Finals in general. And then there are also some tough things in this week I had to deal with. Honestly, I woke up on Tuesday morning feeling like crap and thinking about already the worst stuff, because I was feeling really sick and everything.

And then on Tuesday, I played this legendary match against Novak, and I got way better again with my body. So that's a big thing I'm taking away, that even in very tough situations I can still play great tennis. And then, of course, it's an amazing result for me, indoor, one of the fastest hard courts all year, I would say.

So I'm taking away a lot. In general, I'm pretty happy with my game and with my season, especially from after the US Open. It's a big, big disappointment right now, but in the end it was, I would say, 90% positive this season.

It's always going to be like that in tennis. That's why it's probably mentally the most brutal sport existing because you can play such a great match and end up losing in the championship match. From that point of view, it's a very disappointing loss, very hard to digest.

But on the same hand, I had some amazing wins also, even this week, that they get me in this situation even to play the finals. So it's fine."