Tommy Haas recalls when Roger Federer became unbeatable

Tommy Haas recalls when Roger Federer became unbeatable

Tommy Haas has been knowing Roger Federer for almost two decades. The German and the Swiss grew up togerher and they are still friends. Haas is the BNP Paribas Open Tournament Director in Indian Wells, and Federer considers that tournament as one of his priorities every year.

Asked by Bild when he understood that Federer would have been an amazing player, Haas replied: 'It was too early to recognize it. His turning point towards the top tennis happened in 2003. In 2004, he reached such a level that you thought: Ops, this man is basically unbeatable.

He is not just a good guy, a special character, but also an athlete. Roger is still hungry for success, but that's not an obsession.' Martina Hingis retired for the first time more than a decade ago and she would eventually comeback on the women's tour winning in doubles.

Did Haas, who suffered nine surgeries, think about doing something similar? 'I wanted to become a professional tennis player since I was seven years old and I made it at 20 years. But this time is finished. I do not get worried about rankings and money anymore.'

Haas reflected on his retirement: 'I pushed myself to the limit to try and come back to the Tour, but my body is just not in the place any more to play at the highest level day in, day out. In my final year on the Tour, it was nice to be able to play some of the events that are closest to my heart and also to play in front of my older daughter, which was great.'